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What Others Have to Say


"Coaching with Orshi has been vital in my health journey. My testing revealed a Stage 3 Adrenal Dysfunction along with detox issues and compromised hormonal pathways. Orshi has been so patient and has been phenomenal in helping me understand how to implement the necessary lifestyle changes as well as applying her protocols and biohacks. The diet suggestions helped me feeling better and restoring my energy. I have come a long way but I am still in the process of healing. In all, I can't say enough how great the coaching was. I am currently recommending it to all my colleagues. Thanks for all your assistance. "

Desmine  B.


"I have continued to feel better and better and more balanced every week. Balancing my minerals and going through the detox process  enabled me to regain my vitality! Also I am sleeping really well and have sustained energy throughout the day. I am also utilizing my customized supplement program. Of course I wouldn't be saying any of this if not for your kind and graceful coaching. It is an amazing journey to go from feelings so hopeless to hopeful. And you got me there by teaching me how to better take care of myself. Of course there is still more work to do, but in the meantime thank you."

Alma R.